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Student Absences

It is important that parents call the school the morning you are keeping your child home from school. Our 24 hour attendance reporting line is 891-3121, ext 52101 or email  It is parent's responsibility to clear all absences.  Any absence that is not cleared in 3 days will be marked unexcused.
School personnel will consider the circumstances and reasons for each student absence and determine whether the absence is excused or unexcused.  Given parent authorization, school personnel will excuse a student absence for the following reasons:
To receive medical, dental, optometry or chiropractic services
Head-lice (2 days)
Attendance at funeral services for a member of immediate family
Observance of a religious holiday/ceremony
*CLICK HERE to view CUSD's Communicable Disease Control Guidelines
Unexcused absences can include:
Family vacations
Traveling out of town for a sibling's medical appt
If a need arises for your student to miss school for 3 days or more, please contact the school office in advance to arrange Independent Study.  This program will provide your student with homework for the missed days and upon return, if the homework is complete, excuse the absent days.

Student Tardies

A student is tardy when he/she arrives in the classroom after the tardy bell rings, but before the first thirty minutes of the class has been completed.  A student is habitually tardy when he/she receives three (3) or more unexcused tardies per semester.  A student is truant when he/she arrives, unexcused, in the classroom 30 minutes after the bell rings.
School personnel will consider the circumstances and reasons for each student tardy and determine whether the tardy is excused or unexcused.  Excused tardiness is understandable.  The student will be expected to make up work missed without penalty.  Unexcused tardiness is inappropriate and may result in disciplinary consequences.


The State of California is cracking down on truancies, especially at the elementary schools.  There are currently laws in place that can charge parents fines for their children's chronic truancies.We would like to educate Marigold parents on what constitutes a truancy and the truancy process.
If your child is absent and you do not let the school know why, then the absence is recorded in our computer as unverified.
If you child is out of school because they went to Disneyland, are visiting grandma, etc., then these absences are considered unexcused.  After 3 unexcused/unverified absences, a Truancy 1 letter will be generated and sent home.  After 4 unexcused/unverified absences, a Truancy 2 letter will be sent home.  At this point, parents will be invited to attend a conference with the principal to discuss resolution of the truancy problem.  It is also probable a "School Site Contract" will be generated for signatures.  If this contract is broken, and the attendance does not improve, you and your child will be invited to attend a SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) hearing at the district office where various Butte County Child Welfare representatives are present and you will be asked to sign a SARB contract.  If this contract is broken, then a referral to law enforcement may be made in which you will be required to attend truancy court and appear before a judge and the parent may be fined.
Please understand this information is not intended to scare parents, only to inform you of the truancy process as lawmakers are in the stages of writing various bill regarding truancies.  The best advice we can give parents is to make sure you call in your child's absence the day of the absence, bring in dr.'s notes if they are absent due to illness and do not pull your children out of school for unexcused reasons (vacations). If you absolutely must pull your child out of school for unexcused reasons and your child will be gone 3 days or more, please put them on the Independent Study Program (ISP) and the absences will not be recorded as unexcused.  ISP is a maximum of 14 days per school year. The attendance office will be happy to assist you with the ISP paperwork.  Please come into our office in advance of the absence so we can let the teacher know and arrange for homework to be gathered for your student.
We hope these attendance procedures will help both the school and parents work together in a cooperative manner towards our common goal of increasing each child's success in school.  As parents, you have a great deal to do with the establishment of regular and punctual student attendance habits.  Your cooperation and support of our attendance procedures will be greatly appreciated.


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