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What do parents say about Marigold?

  • “It takes someone special to be an educator; a person who cares for others, and aims to help students grow to their full potential. The staff at Marigold are capable, dedicated and hard-working, along with having an interest in making a difference in our children's future.”  -Tami Norberry
  • “Marigold isn’t just a school, it’s a family!”-Tamra Wellert
  • “Marigold teachers and staff are truly genuine people. My kids have had such caring and fun teachers, who have facilitated confidence in their abilities and created an environment where they enjoy learning. As a parent I have been so happy to be part of a school where teachers get to know your entire family. Parents and grandparents along with faculty have definitely created a feeling of community where children are cared for and looked after. Marigold is like a second home to us. I feel so fortunate that my kids have had such a positive elementary school experience.”–Kari Barron
  • “Marigold has been a fantastic environment and experience for both of my kids. You will not find a better school to foster the growth of your child as a person. There is a true sense of community that shows in the Marigold teachers, families and kids who all work together with love and concern for one another that you can't find anywhere else.”   - Vanessa Ignacio

Marigold Junior Vikings are doing great things. #jrvikesUNITE

Core Values Program
Fun Loving Staff
Family Event- Wake Up to Reading
Virtue Lunch with the Principal
Guided Reading Groups
Monthly Awards Ceremony
Marigold Jr. Vikings

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