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Hello Marigold Families -

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer vacation. If you've driven by the campus, then you know how much has changed since last year. This is an exciting time for our school as our campus grows and we get new furniture, technology and beautiful new buildings.
A renovation of this magnitude does come with some growing pains. I assure you that our staff and the entire construction team are committed to limiting the impact on our students as much as possible. We know there is a lot going on, and that we're making BIG changes, but we ask that you please be patient throughout our campus improvements and we hope to demonstrate the art of "being flexible" for our children. 
This page contains resources to help make the first day back to school flow as smoothly as possible. Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to welcoming all our families back on Thursday, August 16.

Aeries Parent Portal

If you are new to Marigold or have misplaced your parent portal information, we sent instructions to assist you. (If you are reading this electronically, rest assured the information is coming to you via US mail.)

In order to reduce the volume of paper normally sent home the first day of school, we now ask you acknowledge receipt of the “first day” forms/letters in Aeries and most importantly, update your student’s emergency contacts. The portal is open now to make these changes.  You will find everything you need to view under “Documents” when you log in.  It is imperative we have current phone numbers & email for you and all your emergency contacts.

Please make these acknowledgements and corrections by August 14th.  Once you have done this, your student’s teacher will be revealed to you through the portal on August 15th.  Class lists will not be posted at the school as in years past.


Please make sure to:
  • Acknowledge receipt of the "first day" forms/letters
  • Update your child's emergency contact information

View Our Progress!

The play field for students will be done by the start of school.

Those six pieces are the two old K portables #24 and 25. If you drive down East Avenue tomorrow, you might just see them hauled off. This part of campus will be the future home of the back end of our brand new two story building with 16 classrooms and the library.

The blacktop area for the students will change some with the loss of the area by the old courtyard bathrooms. The good news is that we will still have a full basketball court, two half basketball courts, the ball wall, a couple of tetherball courts and some new four square courts.

Making Great Progress!

We’re also planning to find a space for gagaball pit. Plans are in the works to maximize and beautify our field space as well.

Our old outdoor eating area is being moved so as to maximize our play area and available unused ‘front yard’ space. The area in front of the cafeteria will be cleared of shrubs and other items, leveled, and road base compacted to create a pseudo blacktop area. Tables will be relocated, a fence put up around it, and shade umbrellas placed throughout. We’ll have this fun new eating area ready to go by the first day of school.

Making Great Progress!

Making Great Progress!

Drone Footage of the Campus

School Tours Canceled

NO TOURS will be given prior to the start of school. Due to the ongoing construction, it is imperative for safety reasons there is not additional foot traffic on campus prior to the first day of school. 

  • There will be public access to the front office only beginning Monday, August 13th
  • Emails are preferred for contact now, or phone calls beginning August 13th

Campus Map

After you have identified your child’s teacher via Aeries on August 15th, please refer to the map for the location of the classroom.

Map of the school campus

Click the map to enlarge.

Planned Construction Completion Dates (Per Phase)

  • Phase 1 (Units B & D) - August 2018
  • Phase 2 (Unit E) - August 2019
  • Phase 3 (Unit A) - August 2020
  • Phase 4 (Unit C) - December 2020
Map of Phase Plan for Marigold