Marigold Elementary School - Construction Updates
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Marigold Elementary School Updates

Work is underway for the new Marigold Elementary School. This $40 million project will introduce a nearly entire new campus after its completion date of January 2021.  
This is an exciting time for our school as our campus grows and we get new furniture, technology and beautiful new buildings.
A renovation of this magnitude does come with some growing pains. I assure you that our staff and the entire construction team are committed to limiting the impact on our students as much as possible. We know there is a lot going on, and that we're making BIG changes, but we ask that you please be patient throughout our campus improvements and we hope to demonstrate the art of "being flexible" for our children.   Thank you, Mrs. Heath

Project Background

The project includes:
  • Demolition of existing main classroom building
  • Addition of two-story classroom building
  • Addition of new multipurpose building
  • Renovation of all existing buildings
  • Various site work including utilities, new bus drop off, parking, Kindergarten playground, concrete, drainage and landscape

Take a Tour

Image of new outdoor stage and building
Image of workers planting trees
Image of new two-story building roof
New library interior

Project Details - Updated 8/13/19

A.  When:
                a.  Schedule:
                                i.  Work Commenced on: Summer 2017
                                ii.  Scheduled Completion:January 2021
B.  Who:
                a.   Architect & Designer: Rainforth Grau Architects, Sacramento
                b.  Contractor: UBC/CS Builders, Chico and Roseville.  A joint venture of United Building Contractors of Chico and Clark Sullivan Construction of Roseville.
C.  What:
                a.  Background: Four phased construction project, we are completing phase two before school starts.
                                i.  The scope of this project included the addition of a two-story 16 classroom building with media center, new Administration/Multipurpose Room/Gymnasium, the renovation of three existing buildings, the demolition of one main classroom building and the construction of a new parking lot and bus drop-off.                  
ii.   Construction Cost: $33.7 M.
                                iii.  Funding: Measure E and Measure K