Marigold Elementary School - Construction Updates
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Marigold Elementary School Updates

Work is underway for the new Marigold Elementary School. This $40 million project will introduce a nearly entire new campus after its completion date of summer 2021.

Project Background

The project includes:
  • Demolition of existing main classroom building
  • Addition of two-story classroom building
  • Addition of new multipurpose building
  • Renovation of all existing buildings
  • Various site work including utilities, new bus drop off, parking, Kindergarten playground, concrete, drainage and landscape

Take a Tour

Image of new outdoor stage and building
Image of workers planting trees
Image of new two-story building roof
New library interior

Project Details - Updated 8/13/19

A.  When:
                a.  Schedule:
                                i.  Work Commenced on: Summer 2017
                                ii.  Scheduled Completion: Summer 2021
B.  Who:
                a.   Architect & Designer: Rainforth Grau Architects, Sacramento
                b.  Contractor: UBC/CS Builders, Chico and Roseville.  A joint venture of United Building Contractors of Chico and Clark Sullivan Construction of Roseville.
C.  What:
                a.  Background: Four phased construction project, we are completing phase two before school starts.
                                i.  The scope of this project included the addition of a two-story 16 classroom building with media center, new Administration/Multipurpose Room/Gymnasium, the renovation of three existing buildings, the demolition of one main classroom building and the construction of a new parking lot and bus drop-off.                  
ii.   Construction Cost: $33.7 M.
                                iii.  Funding: Measure E and Measure K